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Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.


Studies in Proverbs

by PAUL MARTIN, Pastor
Grace Fellowship Church in Ontario, Canada

  04/13 Two Women Call - Who Will You Follow?
  04/14 Ten Talks of a Father to His Son, Pt. 1
  04/15 Ten Talks of a Father to His Son, Pt. 2
  04/18 Loans, Sluggards, Scoundrels and Church Unity
  04/19 Beware, the Adulteress
  04/20 Interviewing Lady Wisdom to Be Your Life Coach
  04/21 Fools, Fops and Folly
  04/22 Lies, Jabber and Gossip
  04/25 That's a Good Word!
  04/26 Don't Be So Angry!
  04/27 The Proud and the Humble: Two Ways to Live
  04/28 The Sluggard: The Industrious and the Idle, Pt. 1
  04/29 The Sluggard: The Industrious and the Idle, Pt. 2
  05/02 Every Soul of Great Worth
  05/03 How to Live Under a Sovereign God
  05/04 Be My Friend, Won't You?
  05/05 Money, Money, Money
  05/06 Drunkenness
  05/09 Family Dynamics, Pt. 1
  05/10 Family Dynamics, Pt. 2
  05/11 Five Principles for Life

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Grace Fellowship Church
28 Elmhurst Drive • Toronto, ON M9W 2J5

What We Believe

by TIM KELLER, Pastor
Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, NY

  05/12 The Bible and Experience
  05/13 The Bible and Finality
  05/16 I Believe
  05/17 God
  05/18 Sin
  05/19 Incarnation and Salvation
  05/20 The Holy Spirit
  05/23 The Church
  05/24 The End of History

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Gospel in Life
1166 Avenue of the Americas, 16th Floor • New York, NY 10036


by KEN HAM, Founder
Answers in Genesis

  05/25 Death the Enemy
  05/26 In Six Days
  05/27 Always Ready
  05/30 One Blood, One Race
  05/31 The Relevance of Genesis
  06/01 Revealing the Unknown God

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Answers in Genesis
P.O. Box 510 • Hebron, KY 41048

The Pursuit of Holiness

by JERRY BRIDGES, Late Author and Speaker

  06/02 Seek the Things That Are Above
  06/03 Big Sins and Little Sins
  06/06 Consider Who You Are
  06/07 Living Out Heavenly Mindedness
  06/08 The Mystery of God's Providence
  06/09 The Wisdom of God's Providence
  06/10 The Sovereignty of God's Providence
  06/13 The Goodness of God's Providence

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Grace Bible Church
7145 Malone Rd. North • Olive Branch, MS 38654

The Grace Life Pulpit

by PHIL JOHNSON, Executive Director
Grace to You

  06/14 What Grace Teaches
  06/15 Live Like You Were Dead
  06/16 Secret Sins in the Light of God's Countenance
  06/17 Effectual, Fervent Prayer
  06/20 Christ, the Door
  06/21 Christ, the Shepherd
  06/22 The Spirit of God vs. the Spirit of this World
  06/23 Love Not the World
  06/24 Here's Mud in Your Eye
  06/27 From Dust to Glory
  06/28 The Sacrifice of Fools
  06/29 For David's Sake
  06/30 The Sins of the Fathers
  07/01 Precious Unity

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The Grace Life Pulpit

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