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Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.


Studies in Revelation, Chapters 1-3

Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church in Bear, DE

  10/02 Too Big to Fail, the Church?
  10/03 Jilted at the Altar, Pt. 1
  10/06 Jilted at the Altar, Pt. 2
  10/07 The Crown of Suffering, Pt. 1
  10/08 The Crown of Suffering, Pt. 2
  10/09 If Pets Could Talk, Pt. 1
  10/10 If Pets Could Talk, Pt. 2
  10/13 Satanís Secrets, Pt. 1
  10/14 Satanís Secrets, Pt. 2
  10/15 Satanís Secrets, Pt. 3
  10/16 The Marks of a Dead Church, Pt. 1
  10/17 The Marks of a Dead Church, Pt. 2
  10/20 Lord of the Keys, Pt. 1
  10/21 Lord of the Keys, Pt. 2
  10/22 How to Make God Sick, Pt. 1
  10/23 How to Make God Sick, Pt. 2

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Glasgow Reformed Presbyterian Church
2880 Summit Bridge Road • Bear, DE 19701

The Book of Jonah

Grace Reformed Fellowship in Lander, WY

  10/24 Cry Against the World from a Heart That Cries for the World
  10/27 The Lordís Sovereign Control of His Universe, Pt. 1
  10/28 The Lordís Sovereign Control of His Universe, Pt. 2
  10/29 The Lordís Sovereign Control of His Universe, Pt. 3
  10/30 Remember, You Too Were As Good As Dead
  10/31 Who Knows, Maybe God Will Be Merciful to Us, Pt. 1
  11/03 Who Knows, Maybe God Will Be Merciful to Us, Pt. 2
  11/04 Do Not Begrudge the Sinner the Lordís Grace

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Grace Reformed Fellowship
P.O. Box 1899 • Lander, WY 82520

Seeing Jesus in John’s Gospel

by TIM KELLER, Pastor
Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City

  11/05 The Lamb
  11/06 In the Beginning
  11/07 The Feast
  11/10 The Healing
  11/11 The Pool
  11/12 The Feeding
  11/13 The Man Born Blind
  11/14 Out from the Grave

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Gospel in Life
1359 Broadway, 4th Floor • New York, NY 10018

Lectures on Christendom

by GEORGE GRANT, President
King's Meadow Study Center in Franklin, TN

  11/17 The Bulwark of Byzantium: From Glory to Glory
  11/18 The Miracle of the Celtic Church: How the Irish Saved Civilization
  11/19 Charlemagne and Muhammad: The Everlasting Conflict
  11/20 The Chivalric Code: Quest for Honor and Virture
  11/21 Medieval Feudalism: Rooted in Accountability
  11/24 Monastaries and Medieval Life
  11/25 Scholasticism: Systemization of Beauty, Goodness and Truth
  11/26 The Saga of the Viking Invasions
  11/27 Troubadours and Pilgrims: There and Back Again
  11/28 The Crusades Begin: The First Crusade
  12/01 The Earliest Reformers: Ordinary Means of Grace
  12/02 Reeling into Renaissance
  12/03 Here I Stand Ė The Great Reformation
  12/04 Second Fiddles
  12/05 Jan Comenius: Champion of Discipleship
  12/08 Isaac Newton and the Birth of Modern Science
  12/09 The Word in English
  12/10 Controversy in England: Cromwell and Milton
  12/12 Liberty: Salutary Neglect and the Classics

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The King's Meadow Study Center
P.O. Box 1593 • Franklin, TN 37065

The Unseen God in the Book of Esther

Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH

  12/15 Introducing Esther, Pt. 1
  12/16 Introducing Esther, Pt. 2
  12/17 Wine, Women and Self
  12/18 Providence
  12/19 Whatís Going On?
  12/22 Mordecai and Esther
  12/23 God Is in Charge
  12/24 Fasting, Weeping, Lamenting
  12/25 Christmas message
  12/26 O Father You Are Sovereign
  12/29 The Unseen Hand of God
  12/30 Haman Is Hanged!
  12/31 Celebration Time
  01/01 The Tables Are Turned
  01/02 Remember!, Remember!
  01/05 Mordecai Was Great

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Truth for Life
P.O. Box 398000 • Cleveland, OH 44139

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