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Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.


The Grace Life Pulpit

by PHIL JOHNSON, Executive Director
Grace to You

  06/14 What Grace Teaches
  06/15 Live Like You Were Dead
  06/16 Secret Sins in the Light of God's Countenance
  06/17 Effectual, Fervent Prayer
  06/20 Christ, the Door
  06/21 Christ, the Shepherd
  06/22 The Spirit of God vs. the Spirit of this World
  06/23 Love Not the World
  06/24 Here's Mud in Your Eye
  06/27 From Dust to Glory
  06/28 The Sacrifice of Fools
  06/29 For David's Sake
  06/30 The Sins of the Fathers
  07/01 Precious Unity

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The Grace Life Pulpit

Restoring America

by PETER MARSHALL, Late Presbyterian Minister
and co-author of "The Light and the Glory"

  07/04 Introduction/Christopher Columbus: Missionary Explorer
  07/05 The Pilgrims: The True founders of America
  07/06 The Puritans and the American Covenant
  07/07 The Puritans/The Christian Faith of the Founding Fathers, Pt. 1
  07/08 The Christian Faith of the Founding Fathers, pt. 2
  07/11 The Christian Faith of the Founding Fathers, pt.3
  07/12 The Christian Principles of the Constitution/Separation of Church and State, Pt. 1
  07/13 Separation of Church and State, Pt. 2/Restoring America, Pt. 1
  07/14 Restoring America, Pt. 2/How Can Revival and Restoration Come?, Pt. 1
  07/15 How Can Revival and Restoration Come?, Pt. 2

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The Book of Jonah

Grace Bible Church in Escondido, CA

  07/18 Running Away from God
  07/19 You Can Run, but You Cannot Hide
  07/20 The Prodigal Prophet Returns to the Lord
  07/21 The Resurrections of Jonah and Jesus
  07/22 Revival in Nineveh
  07/25 Counseling the Pouting Prophet

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Grace Bible Church
655 W. 11th Avenue • Escondido, CA 92025

The Book of Acts

Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA

  07/26 What Happened Next?
  07/27 The Ascension
  07/28 An Early Christian Selfie
  07/29 Pentecost
  08/01 The First Sermon in the Last Days
  08/02 Becoming a Christian
  08/03 A New Community
  08/04 The Miracle of Salvation
  08/05 The Fact of Unbelief
  08/08 The Only Name
  08/09 Christian Courage
  08/10 Not Again?!
  08/11 Really?
  08/12 How the Gospel Spreads
  08/15 Preparing for the Long Haul
  08/16 Stephen
  08/17 Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
  08/18 The Next Step
  08/19 An Historic Turning Point
  08/22 A Changed Life
  08/23 The Presence of the Lord
  08/24 The Conversion of Peter
  08/25 Defining a Christian
  08/26 Witness
  08/29 A Model Church

{ Copies available: }
Faith Presbyterian Church
620 South Shirley Street, Tacoma, WA 98465

School of Theology: Eschatology

First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC

  08/30 Judgment of the Believer
  08/31 Annihilation?
  09/01 Hell, Pt. 1
  09/02 Hell, Pt. 2
  09/05 Heaven
  09/06 The Second Coming
  09/07 When Will Jesus Come Again?
  09/08 Signs of the Times?
  09/09 The Olivet Discourse: "When?"
  09/12 The Millennium and Revelation 20
  09/13 Dispensationalism
  09/14 Premillennialism
  09/15 Postmillennialism
  09/16 Amillennialism

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First Presbyterian Church
1324 Marion Street • Columbia, SC 29201

History Preparing Us for Jesus

New Life Presbyterian Church in Escondido, CA

  09/19 Jacobs Ladder
  09/20 Moses Mountain
  09/21 Joshua's Commander
  09/22 Solomon's Angst
  09/23 Daniel's Furnace
  09/26 Isaiah's Servant

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New Life Presbyterian Church
615 W. Citracado Parkway • Escondido, CA 92025

The Way to Heaven

Grace Community Church

  09/27 Which Way to Heaven?
  09/28 Beware of False Prophets, Pt. 1
  09/29 Beware of False Prophets, Pt. 2
  09/30 Empty Words
  10/03 Empty Hearts

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Grace to You
P.O. Box 4000 • Panorama City, CA 91412

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