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Extra Credit

In addition to Morning/Night Classes, Extra Credit features messages and sermons of substance aimed at the modern Pilgrim.


The Book of James

The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX

  08/12 Brother/Servant
  08/13 Trials/Temptations
  08/14 Judgment/Mercy
  08/17 Faith/Works
  08/18 Blessings/Curses
  08/19 False Wisdom/True Wisdom
  08/20 Worldliness/Godliness
  08/21 Arrogance/Humilty
  08/24 Oppressor/Laborer
  08/25 Suffering/Comfort
  08/26 Faithful/Faithless
  08/27 Wanderer/Restorer

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The Village Church
2101 Justin Road • Flower Mound, TX 75028

Psalm 23

Maidenbower Baptist Church in the United Kingdom

  08/28 The Good Shepherd
  08/31 The Shepherd Provides, Pt. 1
  09/01 The Shepherd Provides, Pt. 2
  09/02 The Shepherd Protects
  09/03 The Shepherd Preserves

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Maidenbower Baptist Church
Maidenbower Place, Crawley • West Sussex, RHIO 7QH,
United Kingdom

Studies in Revelation

by JOHN FOLMAR, Pastor
United Christian Church of Dubai

  09/04 Alpha and Omega
  09/07 Christ Among His Churches
  09/08 A Forgetful Church
  09/09 A Suffering Church
  09/10 A Mixed Church
  09/11 A Tolerant Church
  09/14 A Dead Church
  09/15 The Weak Church
  09/16 A Lukewarm Church
  09/17 The Throne in Heaven
  09/18 Worthy Is the Lamb
  09/21 Seven Seals
  09/22 Washed in Blood
  09/23 Seven Trumpets
  09/24 The Two Witnesses
  09/25 Satanís Rage
  09/28 The Beast
  09/29 Follow the Lamb
  09/30 Seven Bowls
  10/01 The Prostitute
  10/02 Babylon Falls
  10/05 The Wedding of the Lamb
  10/06 King of Kings
  10/08 The City of God
  10/09 The Coming King

{ Copies available: }
United Christian Church of Dubai

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