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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Jul 21   BARNABAS PIPER - son of John Piper, former longtime pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, with an insiderís view of being a PK or pastorís kid.
   Jul 22   DON JOHNSON - evangelist, apologist and author, with insights on having natural conversations with skeptics that communicate Biblical truth.
   Jul 23   DONALD WHITNEY - professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on making use of the spiritual disciplines to grow in our Christian lives.
   Jul 24   PHIL BOATWRIGHT - Christian movie reviewer, helping believers be more discerning in their movie choices.
   Jul 25   PHIL BOATWRIGHT - Christian movie reviewer, with thoughts on approaching the viewing of movies from a Christian worldview perspective.

    Last Week:

   Jul 14   CLINT HURDLE - manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates major league baseball team, on his Christian testimony and his career in professional baseball.
   Jul 15   ALEXANDER CHU - outreach pastor at Christ Church in Illinois, on how he became the first Christian in his family comprised of generations of Buddhists.
   Jul 16   MARK COPPENGER - professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with thoughts for believers on finding their way in secular America.
   Jul 17   ALBERT MARTIN - former longtime pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in New Jersey, with thoughts on overcoming ministry challenges like backsliding and burnout.
   Jul 18   OWEN STRACHEN - professor at Boyce College in Kentucky, on how he became a pro-life activist and how itís strengthened his Christian faith.

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