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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   May 23   BRUCE ASHFORD - dean and professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, on how believers can maintain their witness in the midst of the political campaigns.
   May 24   DAVID COPPEDGE - former system administrator with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, on how God sustained him through the loss of his job and his health.
   May 25   TRAVIS WUSSOW - director of International Justice and Religious Liberty in the Middle East, on why religious liberty should be an American foreign policy priority.
   May 26   TIM MILLER - church security expert, on the why and how of keeping churches safe from threats of violence.
   May 27   TRAVIS FREEMAN - speaker and author, on his many accomplishments as a blind individual and how God has led and strengthened him through his life.

    Last Week:

   May 16   SAM ANDREADES - pastor of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania, on what he calls the tragedy of transgenderism.
   May 17   RICHARD LAND - President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, on how Neil Postman's 1985 book provides a surprisingly accurate glimpse at today's technology obsessed culture.
   May 18   PATRICK KLEIN - founder of Vision Beyond Borders based in Casper, Wyoming, on his ministry of bringing Bibles and material help to persecuted Christians.
   May 19   MIKE RICCARDI - pastor of local outreach ministries at Grace Community Church in southern California, on understanding the difference between bad doctrine and heresy.
   May 20   LAURA WATERS HINSON - founder of Image Bearer Pictures, on her filmmaking and on her latest project on the life of artist and missionary Lilias Trotter.

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