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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Apr 27   JOE KESLER - CEO of First Montana Bank of Missoula, on the direct connection he says exists between spiritual and financial health.
   Apr 28   JOE KESLER - CEO of First Montana Bank of Missoula, on what he describes as liberating the goodness of money in your life.
   Apr 29   WEN REAGAN - church worship director and worship music historian, on his research into contemporary worship music.
   Apr 30   WEN REAGAN - church worship director, with an enjoyable guided tour of contemporary worship music.
   May 1   ANDREW SNELLING - geologist and director of Research at Answers in Genesis, on why he believes dinosaurs are a creationistís best friend.

    Last Week:

   Apr 20   BRIAN FIKKERT - founder of the Chalmers Center, on short-term missions which bring real help without causing harm to the people youíre trying to reach.
   Apr 21   MARK PHELPS - son of late, controversial pastor Fred Phelps, on what it was like growing up under his fatherís hateful message.
   Apr 22   OWEN STRACHEN - president of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, on the growing trend of whatís known as transgender identity.
   Apr 23   BRYAN LITFIN - professor at Moody Bible Institute, on some inspiring accounts of early Christian martyrs and what we can learn from them.
   Apr 24   JOHN STONESTREET (ON WARREN COLE SMITH'S "LISTENING IN") - host of the Breakpoint radio commentary, on Godís plan to change the world through ordinary people.

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