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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Oct 20   BRIAN HOMMEL - chaplain for the Arizona Diamond Backs, on his ministry to major league baseball players.
   Oct 21   TED BARRETT - major league baseball umpire, on how his faith influences his work and on his outreach to other umpires.
   Oct 22   BOBBY EVANS - assistant general manager for the San Francisco Giants, on working as a Christian in the business side of major league baseball.
   Oct 23   GARRETT OLSON - former major league baseball pitcher and Pilgrim Radio announcer, on playing in the big leagues and on how he came to Christ.
   Oct 24   CLINT HURDLE - manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, on his Christian testimony and his career in professional baseball.

    Last Week:

   Oct 13   DIANE PADDISON - founder of 4 Word women, with practical wisdom for professional Christian women.
   Oct 14   DAVID SKEEL - professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, on how Christianity makes sense of the complexities of our world.
   Oct 15   BRIAN BORGMAN - pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, NV, with a Biblically-grounded view of the challenges and joys of being an adoptive parent.
   Oct 16   BRIAN BORGMAN - pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, NV, with a realistic and Christ-centered perspective of being an adoptive parent.
   Oct 17   J. WARNER WALLACE - police chaplain and retired detective, about what policemen can teach Christians about the right use of language to communicate the Christian faith.

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