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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Sep 22   KEN SAMPLES - senior research scholar at Reasons to Believe, on seven of Christianity’s truths he says changed the world.
   Sep 23   JOHN DUNLOP - medical doctor and author, on how to experience wellness for the glory of God.
   Sep 24   GARRETT OLSON - Pilgrim Radio announcer and former major league baseball player, on playing in the big leagues and on how he came to Christ.
   Sep 25   NABEEL QURESHI - medical doctor and itinerant speaker, on growing up in a devoutly Muslim family in the United States.
   Sep 26   NABEEL QURESHI - medical doctor and itinerant speaker, on how, as a life-long Muslim, he began to consider the Christian faith.

    Last Week:

   Sep 15   KIRSTEN WAGGONER - Kirsten Waggoner – attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, on the current status of religious liberty in America.
   Sep 16   WILLIAM MURRAY - son of late atheist Madelyn Murray O’hair, on what life was like growing up with his mother and on how he came to Christ.
   Sep 17   MICHAEL BRIDGES - founder of Game Church – on reaching the massive and growing gaming community with the Gospel at conventions, shows and online.
   Sep 18   FAITH MCDONNELL - director of Religious Liberty Programs for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, on international threats to religious liberty.
   Sep 19   DARRELL BOCK - professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, with well-reasoned responses to some of the most common objections to Christianity.

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