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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Aug 31   TODD STARNES - host of Fox News and Commentary, on his work as a news commentator and some important stories hes covering.
   Sep 1   MARK CARES - founder of Truth in Love Ministry, on reasons why he believes Mormon or LDS missionaries are reachable with the Gospel.
   Sep 2   RYAN PEMBERTON - minister for University Engagement at the First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, on his journey to understand what it means to be called.
   Sep 3   SAM STORMS - pastor of Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, on what the New Testament teaches about assurance of salvation and eternal security.
   Sep 4   PAUL NYQUIST - president of the Moody Bible Institute, with thoughts on living the Christian faith in what he calls an increasingly hostile culture.

    Last Week:

   Aug 24   AARON KLEIN - owner along with his wife Melissa of Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes, on their 2 and a half year legal journey after declining to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.
   Aug 25   RUSSELL MOORE - president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, on engaging social and political issues without losing focus on the Gospel.
   Aug 26   OS GUINNESS - social critic speaker, with thought on recovering the art of Christian persuasion.
   Aug 27   JOHNNIE MOORE - author and former university vice president, on understanding ISIS and one of its goals of eradicating Christianity in the middle east.
   Aug 28   GREG THORNBURY - president of the Kings College in New York City, on why it matters that the Exodus really happened.

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