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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Feb 23   PHIL JOHNSON - executive director of Grace to You, on a Christian publisher pulling a book because the boy made up the story that he went to heaven and returned.
   Feb 24   KEN WALKER - free-lance writer and editor, on the practice of some Christian authors paying to get their books on some best sellers lists.
   Feb 25   WARREN COLE SMITH - journalist and host of Listening In, with an overview of the state of the Christian publishing industry including some questionable practices.
   Feb 26   DON OTIS - independent publicist and published author, with an insiderís perspective of the Christian publishing industry including major changes heís seen.
   Feb 27   FRANK TUREK (ON WARREN COLE SMITH'S "LISTENING IN") - speaker and apologist, on making a defense for the Christian faith.

    Last Week:

   Feb 16   DANNAH GRESH - founder of Pure Freedom, with a Biblical perspective of the 50 Shades of Grey books and movie.
   Feb 17   KAREN MASON - professor at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, with a thoughtful discussion on helping prevent suicide.
   Feb 18   AIMEE BYRD - writer and talk show host, on what the Biblical Book of Hebrews teaches about persevering in the Christian faith.
   Feb 19   MICHAEL BRIDGES - founder of Game Church, on reaching the massive and growing gaming community with the Gospel at conventions, shows and online.
   Feb 20   ALVIN TOWNLEY (ON WARREN COLE SMITH'S "LISTENING IN") - author, on the heroic story of 11 American prisoners of the Vietnam War.

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