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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Feb 8   KEN BARUN - chief of staff at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, on his journey from drug addict, to working in the Regan administration, to ministry.
   Feb 9   MARCIA MONTENEGRO - apologist and founder of Christian Answers for the New Age, with a Christian analysis of the religious influences in the Star Wars movies.
   Feb 10   MITALI PERKINS - author of novels for young readers, on growing up in a Hindu family and how God used her love of traveling and books to bring her to Christ.
   Feb 11   JOE KESLER - CEO of the First Montana Bank of Missoula, on the direct connection he says exists between spiritual and financial health.
   Feb 12   LELAND RYKEN - long-time professor at Wheaton College, with an informed perspective of Augustine’s famous book “The Confessions.”

    Last Week:

   Feb 1   MELODY WACHSMITH - missions researcher and journalist in Osijek, Croatia, on how Christian gypsies are helping Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Eastern Europe.
   Feb 2   CAL BEISNER - founder and national spokesman for The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, on why they have questions about man-caused climate change.
   Feb 3   DANIEL WILLIAMS - history professor at the University of West Georgia, on the pro-life movement years before the Roe vs Wade decision which legalized abortion.
   Feb 4   MARK TOOLEY - president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, on the forgotten story of the 1861 Washington Peace Conference and the final attempt to avert the Civil War.
   Feb 5   DAVID SILLS - Missions professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, on responding to global challenges in contemporary missions.

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