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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Dec 15   RON AND KATHY COUNTRYMAN - directors of the Four Winds Ministry Center in Big Timber, Montana, on their ministry among Native Americans.
   Dec 16   BEN TERTIN - pastor of students at Imago Dei Community Church in Portland, on lessons learned from the collapse of Mark Driscollís Mars Hill Church in Seattle.
   Dec 17   STEVE ESTES - pastor of Community Evangelical Free Church in Pennsylvania, on how the Proverbs of Solomon apply to the Christmas season.
   Dec 18   THOR RAMSEY - pastor of teaching at Canyon Lake Community Church in California, on the doctrine of hell and whatís at stake if itís lost.
   Dec 19   STEPHEN MEYER (ON WARREN COLE SMITH'S "LISTENING IN") - Intelligent Design advocate, founder and director of the Discovery Instituteís Center for Science and CultureChristian artist, on why he believes science is on the side of Intelligent Design.

    Last Week:

   Dec 8   REBEKAH LYONS - co-founder along with her husband Gabe, of an organization called Q, which mobilizes Christians to be an influence for good in their communities.
   Dec 9   PATRICIA RAYBON - African-American Christian author, on her redemptive encounter with a white policeman at a conference last month in Colorado.
   Dec 10   JOE KEIM - raised in an Old-Order Amish family, on his outreach to the Amish people of Ohio.
   Dec 11   MARION CLARK - minister at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, on what he calls the problem of good: why so many people live fulfilled lives outside of Christ.
   Dec 12   FRANK WOLF (ON WARREN COLE SMITH'S "LISTENING IN") - Virginia congressman, on being World magazine's Daniel of the Year

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