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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   May 2   PHILLIP STAMMAN - Wisconsin attorney, defending the rights of parents to hold what’re known as “Jesus Lunches” for students in a park near a local high school.
   May 3   ANDY NASELLI - professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary, with a Biblical view on the conscience-what it is and how to train it.
   May 4   N.D. WILSON - author of young-adult fiction and children’s literature, on why he writes scary stories for children.
   May 5   AARON ARMSTRONG - author and seminary student, with National Day of Prayer reflections on books every Christian should read about prayer.
   May 6   KRISANNE HALL - on the importance of understanding the U.S. Constitution and its history, to preserve the blessings of liberty we enjoy in this country.

    Last Week:

   Apr 25   PETER JONES - founder of Truth XChange, on their mission and upcoming fall conference.
   Apr 26   DAVE HARE - Bible translating missionary in Cameroon, Africa, on challenges that confront missionaries working in poor countries.
   Apr 27   ELIZABETH MITCHELL - physician and writer with Answers in Genesis, responding to the YouTube video which says there's proof of evolution on our bodies.
   Apr 28   DAVID TRUJILLO - pastor of Calvary Chapel of South Los Angeles, on coming to Christ after a difficult background that involved gang activity.
   Apr 29   COURTNEY REISSIG - writer, wife and mother, on discerning between the culture's and the Bible's views of women and their roles.

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