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His People

Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Aug 25   RUTH TUCKER - on the complicated story of the Auca martyrs
   Aug 26   CHRISTOPHER YUAN - on his journey to God as a gay man
   Aug 27   CHRISTOPHER YUAN - on the patience of his parents in leading him to Christ
   Aug 28   MATT PERMAN - with a Christian approach to productivity
   Aug 29   MATT PERMAN - on the connection of the Gospel with productivity

    Last Week:

   Aug 18   CAROLINE LUSK - editor of CCM Magazine, on the history of contemporary Christian music and also on the 35th anniversary of the magazine.
   Aug 19   TIM DENNEY - attorney practicing in Michigan, on some opportunities for Gospel outreach in the public schools.
   Aug 20   OS GUINNESS - social critic and author, on why he believes society is in a time of transition, and how the Christian faith can continue to be a cultural influence.
   Aug 21   CRAIG DETWEILER - professor a Pepperdine University in California, on how technology shapes our spiritual and social lives.
   Aug 22   PETER GREER - president and CEO of Hope International, on why he believes what he calls mission drift is the unspoken crisis facing leaders, charities and churches.

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