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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   May 25   BURT AND DONNA KEPHART - talk about their son, Jonathan, who made the ultimate sacrifice serving in the war in Iraq. (interview by Pastor Chuck Better & his wife Sharon)
   May 26   COLIN HANSEN - editorial director for the Gospel Coalition, helping us view our differences as opportunities to more effectively engage a needy world with the love of Christ.
   May 27   JOHN FRAME - longtime professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, on why he believes voting conservative most closely aligns with Biblical teaching.
   May 28   LINCOLN BRUNNER - missionary journalist, on how Messianic Judaism is flourishing in the former Soviet country Ukraine.
   May 29   MARION CLARK - Presbyterian minister in Georgia, on what he calls the problem of good: why so many people live fulfilled lives outside of Christ.

    Last Week:

   May 18   MICHAEL FARRIS - constitutional attorney and founder of Patrick Henry College, on threats to religious liberty in America.
   May 19   BRUCE ASHFORD - professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, encouraging Christians to be culturally engaged.
   May 20   BRIAN BORGMAN - pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada, with a Biblical and balanced perspective on spiritual warfare.
   May 21   BRIAN BORGMAN - pastor of Grace Community Church in Minden, Nevada, helping us understand and apply the Ephesians 6 passage on spiritual warfare.
   May 22   SAM ANDREADES - Pennsylvania Presbyterian pastor, with a systematic theological approach to the teaching on gender found in the Bible.

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