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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Jul 6   MARK LOOY - co-founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky, first in a series on summer vacation destinations of specific interest to believers.
   Jul 7   MICHAEL MCAFFEE - Bible Engagement director, on the Passages history of Bible exhibit in California.
   Jul 8   JON ALBERT - executive director of Canyon Ministries, on a unique ministry at the Grand Canyon.
   Jul 9   CHRISTIAN HUANG - executive director of San Francisco City Impact, on missions opportunities and their July conference in the City.
   Jul 10   KENNETH LITWAK - professor at Azusa Pacific University, using the Apostle Paul on Mars Hill to communicate the gospel in our culture.

    Last Week:

   Jun 29   MARY JO SHARP - director of Confident Christianity and apologetics professor, on the emergence of women in apologetics ministry.
   Jun 30   GRANT WACKER (INTERVIEWED BY ALBERT MOHLER) - professor at Duke Divinity School, on the life and ministry of Billy Graham.
   Jul 1   GRANT WACKER (INTERVIEWED BY ALBERT MOHLER) - professor at Duke Divinity School, on the influence of evangelist Billy Graham.
   Jul 2   ERIC METAXAS - speaker and author, on miracles: what they are, why they happen and how they can change your life.
   Jul 3   MICHAEL FARRIS - constitutional lawyer and founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association, on the history of religious liberty in America.

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