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Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


The Book of 2 Samuel

by DOUG WILSON, Pastor
Christ Church in Moscow, ID

  12/01 The Song of the Bow
  12/02 How Envy Devours
  12/03 A World Class Curse
  12/04 Dismembered Members
  12/05 Lord of the Bursting Dam
  12/08 A Savior for Gath
  12/09 A Servant Throne
  12/10 Joram and Justice
  12/11 Covenant Kindness
  12/12 Divided in Half
  12/15 Uriah Drunk & David Sober
  12/16 You Are the Man
  12/17 David As Patsy
  12/18 A Field on Fire
  12/19 A Glimpse of the Old David
  12/22 The Secret Things
  12/23 A Toxic Civil War
  12/24 Between Heaven and Earth
  12/25 Christmas message
  12/26 Losing a Regained Grip
  12/29 Yet Another Head Wound
  12/30 The Glory of Giant Killing
  12/31 The Meaning of Blamelessness
  01/01 A True Sun King
  01/02 Inscrutable Justice and Mercy

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Canon Press
P.O. Box 8729 • Moscow, ID 83843

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