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Second Period

Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


Modernity, Pt. 2

by GEORGE GRANT, Founder
King's Meadow Study Center in Franklin, TN

  11/05 The Pity of War – The Ongoing Tragedy of the First World War
  11/06 A New World Order – Wilson’s Fourteen Points
  11/09 A New American Revolution – The Roaring Twenties
  11/10 Coolidge’s Anti-Revolutionary Normalcy
  11/11 Calamities Multiplied – The Great Depression
  11/12 A New Despotism – Hitler, Stalin and Their Heirs
  11/13 Hostilities Renewed – The Battle of Britain
  11/16 The Best and the Worst – World War II
  11/17 Heroes and Villains – The End of the War
  11/18 The Return of the Jews – The Rebirth of Israel
  11/19 Pop Goes the Culture – The Fifties and the Cold War
  11/20 Q’s Enduring Legacy
  11/23 Right Things, Wrong Ways – The Sixties and Neitzsche
  11/24 Amusing Ourselves to Death – A Brave New Media World
  11/25 444 Days – Islamic Ji’had
  11/26 Scandal, Malaise and Polarization - Watergate
  11/27 A President, a Pope and a Prime Minister
  11/30 Essential Habits of Emerging Leaders
  12/01 In for the Long Haul – The Adullam Strategy

{ Copies available: }
King's Meadow Study Center
P.O. Box 1593 • Franklin, TN 37065

Studies in John's Gospel

Pacific Crossroads Church in Los Angeles, CA

  12/02 Light and Life
  12/03 No One Has Ever Seen God
  12/04 Just Be Yourself
  12/07 Tell It Slant
  12/08 Jesus Throwing Tables
  12/09 Jesus’ Nicodemus Sermon
  12/10 “John 3:16”
  12/11 In Praise of Humility
  12/14 Do You Want To Be Healed?
  12/15 Jesus Feeds the Multitude
  12/16 Is Christianity Hard or Easy?
  12/17 Jesus, the Bread of Life
  12/18 What Kind of Community We Want to See Here
  12/21 The Truth Will Set You Free
  12/22 What Is a Disciple?
  12/23 Rivers of Living Water
  12/24 Whoever Loves His Life, Loses
  12/25 A Christmas Question: Why Doesn’t God Make It Easier?
  12/28 You Must Sit Down
  12/29 The Good Shepherd
  12/30 The Consolations of Christ
  12/31 Is Jesus Exclusive or Inclusive?
  01/01 How Do You Know If You’re Saved?
  01/04 Union with Christ As the Heart of the Gospel
  01/05 Light and Heat

{ Copies available: }
Pacific Crossroads Church
6330 San Vicente Boulevard, Suite 102 • Los Angeles, CA 90048

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