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Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


The Book of Philippians

by PAUL MARTIN, Pastor
Grace Fellowship Church in Ontario, Canada

  09/08 Slaves and Saints
  09/09 Where Love Takes You
  09/10 When the Gospel Is of First Importance
  09/11 One Holy Ambition: Jesus!
  09/12 Be a Good Gospel Citizen
  09/15 Let There Be Gospel Unity
  09/16 Strive for the Mindset of Christ in You
  09/17 Meditate on the Exaltation of Christ
  09/18 All for God
  09/19 That Secret Virtue: Self-Forgetfulness
  09/22 Beware of Gospel Pretenders
  09/23 Jesus First and Last
  09/24 Seized by the Power of a Great Affliction
  09/25 We Must Agree to Agree
  09/26 We Must Live Free in the Gospel!
  09/29 We Must Renew the Mind
  09/30 The Secret of Godly Contentment
  10/01 Dying a Healthy Christian

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Grace Fellowship Church
28 Elmhurst Drive • Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9W 2J5

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