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Second Period

Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


The Life of David in 1 Samuel

Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church in Simpsonville, SC

  04/03 Who Is David?
  04/04 The Historical Background
  04/07 The Choice of David As God's Covenant King
  04/08 The Lord Is With Him
  04/09 Israel's Faithlessness and Fear
  04/10 David and Goliath
  04/11 The Fame of the Anointed King Spreads
  04/14 David Wins the Hand of the King's Daughter
  04/15 David Escapes a Murder Plot with the Help of the King's Child
  04/16 The Anointed King Protected by the Spirit of God
  04/17 Jonathan & David's Friendship & Covenant
  04/18 David Eats Holy Bread and Feigns Madness
  04/21 Righteous Men Killed for Their Association with David
  04/22 David Delivered at the Rock of Escape
  04/23 David Spares Saul in the Darkness of the Cave
  04/24 Lessons from a Fool, Pt. 1
  04/25 Lessons from a Fool, Pt. 2
  04/28 The Lord's Anointed
  04/29 A Sad Chapter in the Life of David
  04/30 The Witch of En Dor
  05/01 David's Loyalties and Leadership
  05/02 The Death of King Saul and Jonathan

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Woodruff Road Presbyterian Church
2519 Woodruff Road • Simpsonville, SC 29681

The Books of 1 & 2 Peter

by PAUL JEHLE, Pastor
The New Testament Church in Plymouth, MA

  05/05 Grace Be Multiplied
  05/06 Kept by the Power of God
  05/07 Prepare Your Mind for Action
  05/08 The Incorruptible Seed
  05/09 The Chief Cornerstone
  05/12 Submission to Civil Government
  05/13 Submission in the Home
  05/14 The Meaning of Suffering
  05/15 Overcoming Sin Through Suffering
  05/16 Judgment Begins at God's House
  05/19 Humility and Spiritual Warfare
  05/20 The God of All Grace
  05/21 Second Peter – His Divine Nature
  05/22 Foundations of Spiritual Maturity, Pt. 1
  05/23 Foundations of Spiritual Maturity, Pt. 2
  05/26 Process of Spiritual Maturity, Pt. 1
  05/27 Process of Spiritual Maturity, Pt. 2
  05/28 Process of Spiritual Maturity, Pt. 3
  05/29 The Priority of Spiritual Growth
  05/30 A More Sure Word
  06/02 Marks of False Teaching
  06/03 Marks of False Teachers
  06/04 How Should We Then Live?

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The New Testament Church
1120 Long Pond Road • Plymouth, MA 02360

The Gospel of Mark, continued

Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH

  06/05 Lessons from the Fig Tree, Pt. 1
  06/06 Lessons from the Fig Tree, Pt. 2
  06/09 The Authority of Jesus
  06/10 This Is About Us!
  06/11 Render to Caesar…
  06/12 The Sadducees Question, Pt. 1
  06/13 The Sadducees Question, Pt. 2
  06/16 Not Far From the Kingdom
  06/17 David's Son – David's Lord
  06/18 Mark 13 – An Introduction
  06/19 A Question for Jesus
  06/20 Signs of the End
  06/23 Be On Guard!
  06/24 The Coming of the Son of Man
  06/25 A Wake Up Call!
  06/26 Whole-Hearted Devotion
  06/27 Deep-Seated Corruption
  06/30 Woe to That Man
  07/01 The Danger of Self-Reliance
  07/02 Jesus in 3-D

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Truth for Life
P.O. Box 398000 • Cleveland, OH 44139

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