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Second Period

Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


The Book of Joshua

Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA

  01/06 Be Strong and Courageous
  01/07 Embracing Complications
  01/08 A Remarkable Woman
  01/11 What We Always Forget
  01/12 The Christian Memory
  01/13 Our Unconventional Faith
  01/14 An Objection to Our Faith
  01/15 Benedict Arnold in Israel
  01/18 Victory the Old Fashioned Way
  01/19 Making a Covenant with God
  01/20 The Tangled Web We Weave
  01/21 Miracles
  01/22 Enough Battles Make a War
  01/25 Appearances Are Deceiving
  01/26 Count Your BlessingsÖName them One by One
  01/27 Our Inheritance
  01/28 85 Years a Christian Warrior
  01/29 Believers and Their Doubts
  02/01 Christianity and Culture
  02/02 The Special Priesthood
  02/03 The Right Sort of Worry
  02/04 How To Be Faithful to God
  02/05 The Ways of God
  02/08 Serve the Lord
  02/09 And They Buried Him

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Faith Presbyterian Church
620 S. Shirley Street • Tacoma, WA 98465

Studies in 2 Corinthians

Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA

  02/10 Divine Strength Displayed in Human Weakness
  02/11 From the Apostle to the Church of God: Grace and Peace
  02/12 Divine Comfort in the Midst of Affliction
  02/15 The Work of God in the Believerís Suffering
  02/16 The Christianís Guide to Self Defense
  02/17 The True Church
  02/18 Yes in Christ
  02/19 Marks of the Ministerís Love
  02/22 Dealing with Sin in the Church, Pt.1
  02/23 Dealing with Sin in the Church, Pt.2
  02/24 Dealing with Sin in the Church, Pt.3
  02/25 Battling Discouragement in Ministry
  02/26 The Sufficient Servant: Made Adequate by Godís Grace
  02/29 Authentic Christian Ministry
  03/01 Qualified for Ministry

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The Grace Life Pulpit

Studies in Mark's Gospel

Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville, OH

  03/02 Impressions of Jesus
  03/03 Getting Ready for the Gospel, Pt. 1
  03/04 Getting Ready for the Gospel, Pt. 2
  03/07 Victory in the Desert
  03/08 Real Authority, Pt. 1
  03/09 Real Authority, Pt. 2
  03/10 Secrets to Greatness
  03/11 The Power to Forgive
  03/14 Gospel Partying
  03/15 Fasting, Feasting and New Wine Skins
  03/16 Two Sabbath Stories
  03/17 Mounting Pressure and a Mountaintop Appointment
  03/18 Crazy Like a Messiah
  03/21 Hearing the Secret Message
  03/22 Four Parables About Godís Kingdom
  03/23 Calming the Storm, but Not the Disciples
  03/24 Deliverance from Evil
  03/25 Healing Faith
  03/28 A Not So-Happy Homecoming
  03/29 Basic Lessons in Ministry
  03/30 Sold Out Servant, Sell-Out King
  03/31 Leading and Feeding
  04/01 Walking on Water
  04/04 The Tyranny of Tradition
  04/05 Discovering Faith and Displaying Glory

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Grace Baptist Church
109 N. Main Street • Cedarville, OH 45314

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