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Second Period

Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


The Book of Philippians

by DAVID LOVI, Pastor
CrossView Church in Antioch, IL

  04/01 You Gotta Serve Somebody
  04/02 Perseverance of the Saints and the Fruits Thereof
  04/03 The Blood of the Martyrs Ė The Seed of the Church
  04/06 To Live Is Christ and to Die Is Gain
  04/07 Standing Firm
  04/08 The Authentic Christian Ethic
  04/09 The Condescension of God the Son, Pt. 1
  04/10 The Condescension of God the Son, Pt. 2
  04/13 The Condescension of God the Son, Pt. 3
  04/14 Every Knee Will Bow
  04/15 The Nature of Sanctification
  04/16 Lights in the World
  04/17 Partners in the Gospel
  04/20 The Basis of Righteousness, Pt. 1
  04/21 The Basis of Righteousness, Pt. 2
  04/22 To Know Christ
  04/23 Pressing on Toward the Goal
  04/24 Enemies of the Cross
  04/27 The Reason for Peace and Joy
  04/28 The Cure for Anxiety
  04/29 The Art of Contentment
  04/30 Giving and Receiving

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CrossView Church
750 Highview Drive • Antioch, IL 60002

Studies in Leviticus

Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, WA

  05/01 Introduction to Leviticus
  05/04 The Burnt Offering
  05/05 The Grain Offering
  05/06 The Peace Offering
  05/07 The Sin Offering
  05/08 The Guilt Offering
  05/11 The Pattern
  05/12 The Priesthood
  05/13 Going to Church for the First Time
  05/14 Punishment in the Place of Forgiveness
  05/15 Clean and Unclean Foods
  05/18 Godís Holiness: The Foundation of Life
  05/19 Holiness and Disease
  05/20 Sexual Holiness
  05/21 The Day of Atonement
  05/22 The Fountain Filled with Blood
  05/25 Defining the Family Loving Others as Yourself
  05/26 Crime and Punishment
  05/27 Holy Orders

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Faith Presbyterian Church
620 South Shirley Street • Tacoma, WA 98465

The Pastor's Study

Parkside Church in Chagrin Falls, OH

  05/28 The Marks of a God-Given Ministry
  05/29 Establishing a Vision
  06/01 Earthing a Vision
  06/02 Tackling Opposition to Change
  06/03 Bring Out the Book
  06/04 Sufficiency of the Word
  06/05 The Pulpit: Its Powers and Pitfalls
  06/08 The Church Confronts the World
  06/09 The Preacher: John the Baptist
  06/10 What Happened to Expository Preaching?
  06/11 An Historical Survey of Preaching
  06/12 The Nature of Expository Preaching
  06/15 The Benefits of Expository Preaching
  06/16 Godís Revelation
  06/17 Practical Pointers on Preaching
  06/18 The Call of Ministry
  06/19 Preaching of the Cross
  06/22 The Centrality of the Cross
  06/23 Leadership and Change
  06/24 The Nature of Acceptable Worship
  06/25 Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The Preacher
  06/26 Jesus: the Preacher
  06/29 The Strength of Weakness
  06/30 Evangelistic Preaching, Pt. 1
  07/01 Evangelistic Preaching, Pt. 2

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Truth for Life
P.O. Box 398000 • Cleveland, OH 44139

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