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Weekend messages from church pulpits, conferences, schools and seminars on a wide variety of Biblical subjects.



God's Word—Our Story
The Gospel Coalition's
2014 National Women's Conference

   Weekend of:

   Oct 4, 5   Taking Action in Light of Godís Word - Kathy Keller
   Oct 11, 12   Laboring for a God Who Fights for Us - Tim Keller
   Oct 18, 19   Fearing God in a Fallen World - Paige Brown
   Oct 25, 26   Coming Together Around Godís Word - Nancy Guthrie
   Nov 1, 2   Responding to God According to His Word - John Piper
   Nov 8, 9   Celebrating! A Moment of Joy in Jerusalem - Speaker Panel
   Nov 15, 16   Leaning Forward in the Dark: A Failed Reformation - Don Carson
   Nov 22, 23   Theology Matters - Mary Wilson
   Nov 29, 30   Homosexuality and the Christian Faith - Rosaria Butterfield
   Dec 6, 7   Fellow Heirs of the Grace of God - Don Carson
   Dec 13, 14   The Persecuted Church: How to See & How to Pray - Mindy Belz
   Dec 20, 21   What to Do with Judges, a Whole-Book Approach to Bible Study - Jenny Salt
   Dec 27, 28   The Story of the Bible - Carrie Sandom

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The Gospel Coalition

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