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Speaker’s Platform

Weekend messages from church pulpits, conferences, schools and seminars on a wide variety of Biblical subjects.



Messages from the Philadelphia & Princeton Conferences on Reformed Theology
2013 & 2014

   Weekend of:

   Jan 3, 4   Profaning the Sanctity of Worship - Derek Thomas
   Jan 10, 11   The Uncorrupted Gospel - Michael Horton
   Jan 17, 18   The Holy Christian Life - Greg Gilbert
   Jan 24, 25   Evangelism and the Holiness of God - Michael Horton
   Jan 31, Feb 1   The Holy Prayers of Righteous People - Phillip Johnson
   Feb 7, 8   The Holy Bride of Christ - Richard Phillips
   Feb 14, 15   The Life and Ministry of Charles Simeon - Jon Payne
   Feb 21, 22   Godís Providence Defined - Alistair Begg
   Feb 28, Mar 1   Godís Providence in the Lives of His Servants - Ian Hamilton
   Mar 7, 8   Godís Providence in the Death of Jesus Christ - Alistair Begg
   Mar 14, 15   Godís Providence and Our Worship - Ian Hamilton
   Mar 21, 22   The Life and Ministry of John Owen - Jon Payne
   Mar 28, 29   Making Sense of the Mysteries of Providence - Ian Hamilton

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