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Weekend messages from church pulpits, conferences, schools and seminars on a wide variety of Biblical subjects.



Encountering Jesus

Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church

   Weekend of:

   Jan 2, 3   Encountering Christ Is a Must
   Jan 9, 10   This Is the Jesus to Remember
   Jan 16, 17   Encountering Christ in His Parable of the Soils
   Jan 23, 24   Encountering Christ As You Follow Him Out of the In-Between Land
   Jan 30, 31   Encountering Christ As You Learn What You Must
   Feb 6, 7   Encountering Jesus Encountering an Evil Spirit
   Feb 13, 14   Encountering Christ in His Glory
   Feb 20, 21   Encountering Christ in Trials and Troubles
   Feb 27, 28   Encountering Christ Teaching Mercy
   Mar 5, 6   Encountering Christ On His Way to the Cross
   Mar 12, 13   Encountering Christ in the Face of Seemingly Crushing Troubles
   Mar 19, 20   Jesusí Most Unique Encounter
   Mar 26, 27   Encountering Christ As He Wages War Against the Devil

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Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church
P.O. Box 23139 • Ottawa, Canada K2A 4E2

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