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Daily interviews with stimulating guests from all walks of life and Christian endeavor.


   This Week:

   Sep 26   MARY REICHARD - attorney and legal writer, on serious challenges to religious liberty.
   Sep 27   GLENN STANTON - director of Global Family Formation Studies at Focus on the Family, with a researcher's perspective of the consequences of co-habitation and the benefits of marriage.
   Sep 28   J. WARNER WALLACE - longtime police detective and Christian apologist, on the role evidence plays in establishing the historicity and reliability of the Christian faith.
   Sep 29   MINDY BELZ - writer and editor for World magazine, on her visits to the Middle East to report on the persecution of Christians by Islamic terrorists.
   Sep 30   ANDY NASELLI - professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis, with a Biblical perspective on the conscience.

    Last Week:

   Sep 19   JOHN CORTINES - Vice President of a ministry called Generous Giving, on how he discovered true riches at Harvard Business School.
   Sep 20   DANNY FAULKNER - staff astronomer at Answers in Genesis, on what the Bible reveals about astronomy.
   Sep 21   LEROY AND KIMBERLY WAGNER - he's a pastor and she's an author, on how God rescued their marriage between a fierce woman and a reserved man.
   Sep 22   JAKE MULDER - a director at the Fuller Youth Institute, on strategies to help young people discover and love your church.
   Sep 23   TISH HARRISON WARREN - author and Intervarsity staff worker, on how a political campaign opened her eyes to plight of the working poor.

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