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Value-added instruction in keeping with Pilgrim Radio's commitment to advance a program of Christian education.


Antiquity, cont.

by GEORGE GRANT, President
King's Meadow Study Center

  09/08 The Greek City States
  09/09 Greek Philosophy
  09/12 Greek Rhetoric and Oratory
  09/13 The Phoenicians and the Celts
  09/14 The Sons of Noah
  09/15 The Silk Road
  09/16 The Indus Valley Civilization
  09/19 Alexander the Great
  09/20 After Alexander - The Diadochi
  09/21 Carthage and the Punic Wars
  09/22 The Roman Republic
  09/23 Julius Caesar and the Coming Empire
  09/26 Octavian Augustus Caesar
  09/27 The Reign of the Imperial Caesars
  09/28 Pax Romana
  09/29 Barbarian Invasion and the Fall of Rome
  09/30 Augustine of Hippo

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King's Meadow Study Center
P.O. Box 1593 • Franklin, TN 37065

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